Where are Ventilators Needed?

As one of the most critial medical devices used to save lives of COVID-19 patients, ICU ventilators are allocated unevenly across countries. The largest high-quality ventilator manifactureres are mostly allocated in the US, Germany, and Swtzerland, while many countries that are currently suffering the most from the coronavirus, such as Spain, Italy, and Iran, are having difficulties importing ventilators from aborad.

The global ventilator inventory map

Comparing death rate with ventilator inventory

Ventilator demand forecast

The COVID19 Scenarios project (https://neherlab.org/covid19) from the University of Basel provides a powerful tool to simulate the outbreaks in communities across the world. Governements can leverage this tool to forecast their demand for ventilators.

An example forecast on COVID-19 outbreak in Switzerland. Assuptions: moderate epidemic development and strong mitigation.


The Corona virus map (global): https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
Switzerland: https://www.corona-data.ch/
Forecasting COVID-19 outbreak: https://neherlab.org/covid19

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